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The GET PFIT eBook: SMALL Changes, BIG Results


“I have been in an academic setting my entire life, I have been obsessed with weight loss reality TV shows since they existed, and I have read magazine article after article on diet and nutrition for weight loss because I knew I deserved more than to be fat and unhealthy my entire life. But when your sister shared your book with me, I read it cover to cover in one sitting and my life was changed forever.” Jenny


This little ebook is packed with simple truths and helpful analogies to help you "get" diet and fitness like you've never understood it before. It's a small investment of time and money for a BIG reward.


All the tips you need to succeed, in less than 15,000 words!

Discover the Freedom of Eating to Live, Instead of Living to Eat

Learn How to Manage Calories, Proteins, Carbs & Fats

Understand the Checks and Balances of Your Body's Bank Account

Find out How Many Calories You Need to Reach Your Goals

Understand Diet Facts, Myths and Mistakes

Learn How to Get the Most Out of Exercise

Enjoy Helpful Workout Resources




“I had never connected the dots until your book explained it to me, that weight loss was simply a combination of math and science.  A large reason that I also think your book was transformative for me was that it spoke though metaphors. I’m a designer – metaphors are my life! When you told me that I couldn’t cheat on my marriage and expect it to work so why would I think that could cheat on my diet and make it work, a lightbulb when off. And when you said that calories are like money and that I wouldn’t intentionally or repeatedly overdraw my bank account, a massive flood light turned on! Those two things were all I needed to hear to change my life forever.” Jenny


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